Brown Sugar is a yoga and mindfulness practice for people of color, as well as a community in NYC.  We offer nurturing, flowing yoga workshops to help people of color connect deeply to ourselves and others, learn tools for reducing stress and trauma, and build resilience and joy. The magic of this class is created by the energy of each person who enters this sacred space.  Each practice begins and ends in a circle where everyone is invited to share and reflect. We always work with an intentional theme - and never close without enjoying some delicious chocolate together.  All of our offerings are no one turned away for lack of funds.


New Year's Practice


With Calia Marshall

Via Zoom


This year was hard.  Even though we might wish that on January 1st everything challenging about 2020 would disappear, that is unlikely.  However, we can expect change (even if it is slow), as change is a constant force in the world.  As the Solstice turns us toward the light and as the 20/20 vision we have gained through living through collective atrocities turns us toward a new year, we commit to practices that help us and our communities to thrive. Together we practice presence, we lean into liberation, we invite in joy, and we take turns holding one another up.


In this New Year’s yoga practice, expect a physical practice for all body sizes and abilities, breath work, meditation, journaling, and community connection. Please bring a journal, some water, a candle, a chair, a blanket, pillows, and your perfectly imperfect self.


Obstacles on the Path


With Calia Marshall

Via Zoom

Whether you consider yourself to be on a yogic path, a spiritual path, a life path...we all meet obstacles along the way.  In this workshop, we'll examine the 9 obstacles on the yogic path, from illness to self-doubt to apathy.  We'll explore antidotes to these obstacles through a physical practice, working with the breath, self-reflection, and community wisdom.  

Heeding Ancestors Wisdom


With Calia Marshall

Via Zoom

Our practice this month falls during the week after Halloween, Día de los Muertos and Election Day and just one week before Diwali.  We don't know what the results of the Presidential election will be, but we can use this practice to support one another in our joys and/or fears, as well as to call on the wisdom of our ancestors.  We can recommit to moving steadily toward knowledge, illumination, and goodness. Our journeys are supported and our ancestors have lit the way.  We will gather, holding the wisdom of our ancestors, to continue moving ourselves and one another toward liberation.

Restorative Reclined Bound Angle.jpg

December Practice


With Avita Bansee & Calia Marshall

Via Zoom


Details to come.


*Please note that we are not able to provide childcare at this time.  While children are not prohibited from attending, the content of these classes will be geared toward adults and teens.  If your child attends the class with you, there is a lobby where you can go together if they need a break from the practice space.


For our monthly practice at Third Root, access info can be found here.  For practices in other spaces, please click the button for more info.  If you don't find what you need, please don't hesitate to email us at brownsugaryoganyc@gmail.com.