Brown Sugar is a yoga and mindfulness practice for people of color, as well as a community in NYC.  We offer nurturing, flowing yoga workshops to help people of color connect deeply to ourselves and others, learn tools for reducing stress and trauma, and build resilience and joy. We strive to make all of our workshops gender-affirming, body-affirming, and as accessible as possible.


The magic of this class is created by the energy of each person who enters this sacred space.  Each practice begins and ends in a circle where everyone is invited to share and reflect. We always work with an intentional theme - and never close without enjoying some delicious chocolate together (when in-person). We usually meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month. All of our offerings are sliding scale with no one turned away for lack of funds.

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Moving Toward Possibility

With Calia Marshall

In-Person at Prospect Park!

5-7p (rain date 08.15)

Yogic and Buddhist wisdom speak about how suffering is a familiar part of life.  Dukkha, translated as "a constant squeeze" by meditation teacher Ajahn Maha Boowa, is no stranger, nor are the attachments which are often the cause of our suffering.  As we practice among nature, we explore the element of ether, which reminds us of the possibilities beyond.   We practice moving from a place of, "I am suffering," to an acknowledgement that, "suffering may be here, and yet..."  As we gather in person for the first time in 17 months, we bring our stories, our hearts, and our collective wisdom to encourage one another to move into a place of possibility.

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Yoga & Zumba In-Person
Downing Park, Newburgh, NY


Join Sharon from Zumba Sistas, Calia from Brown Sugar and John in a first-time collaboration!  Our theme is joy as resilience.
8-9am at the amphitheater in Downing Park.

Donations welcome, but not required.


Setting Ourselves Up to Thrive
In-Person Practice
Prospect Park, Brooklyn


With Calia Marshall

In-Person at Prospect Park!


As climate change ignites the environment into fires, floods, and hurricanes, as we shift from late summer into early fall, as school starts back up, as work pressures may be ramping up after a summer lull and as our sense of safety continues to be rocked with the ever-changing pandemic, it's time to call in some calm and grounding.  Ayurvedic wisdom tells us that during this windy season of vata it is time to slow down and start putting our energy toward our roots.  What is there for you to harvest and enjoy right now, at the same time that you begin to put a bit more attention toward your basic needs so you can thrive moving into fall?  What might need to fall away in your life in order for you to create health and abundance in your life in the long term?  Come ready for some self-reflection, community wisdom sharing, grounding movement and restorative breathwork.


Life’s Hard Y’all:

Loss, and Holding Each Other Up 


Via Zoom with Maisah Hargett and Alejandro Desince

Autumn invites us to slow down and catch up with ourselves: to digest and process the fallout of summer’s fullness. With many of us rattled by a variety of losses, it is all the more important to resource ourselves as days shorten and we spend more time indoors.
How do we care for ourselves in times of duress and crises? How do we weather the ebb and flow of life and loss? How do we continue to cultivate compassion for ourselves as we navigate the abundance of emotion that may arise? Let’s explore these questions together. We will consider how healing may be a direction that we can move in, and how to embrace all the waves of change and challenges that come with its journey. 


*Please note that we are not able to provide childcare at this time.  While children are not prohibited from attending, the content of these classes will be geared toward adults and teens.  If your child attends the class with you, there is a lobby where you can go together if they need a break from the practice space.


For our monthly practice at Third Root, access info can be found here.  For practices in other spaces, please click the button for more info.  If you don't find what you need, please don't hesitate to email us at brownsugaryoganyc@gmail.com.