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Brown Sugar is a yoga and mindfulness practice for people of color, as well as a community in NYC.  We offer nurturing, flowing yoga workshops to help people of color connect deeply to ourselves and others, learn tools for reducing stress and trauma, and build resilience and joy. We strive to make all of our workshops gender-affirming, body-affirming, and as accessible as possible.


The magic of this class is created by the energy of each person who enters this sacred space.  Each practice begins and ends in a circle where everyone is invited to share and reflect. We always work with an intentional theme - and never close without enjoying some delicious chocolate together (when in-person). All of our offerings are sliding scale with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Please note that after our 8 year anniversary practice on 4.9.22 we will no longer offer monthly workshops, but will move to a pop-up format instead. Join our newsletter and follow us on social media for notices.

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8 Year Anniversary Practice!


(Postponed from 4.9.22)

With Calia Marshall

via Zoom

10:30a-12:30p EST

For eight years we have been providing space for BIPOC to be in community and practice yoga with one another. Come celebrate and practice with us on our anniversary!

This practice will be all about connection. Come move, breathe, and just be. We strive to make this an accessible space for all.

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Joy & Connection

With Calia Marshall

via Zoom

4:30-6:30p EST

Do joy and connection feel difficult to access right now?  With social distancing at another peak and cold winter days keeping us indoors, for many of us it has been one of the hardest periods of the past 2 years.  In the intimate space of this workshop, we'll create time for deep connection, both with ourselves and with the group.  We will invite ourselves to experience authentic joy.  And we will witness each other in our joy while practicing the Buddhist concept of sympathetic joy (muditā), or the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being.  Bring a journal, song requests, and something that makes you smile.


Finding Flow

With Calia Marshall

via Zoom

4:30-6:30p EST

As the land begins to thaw, the rivers flow with more force. We are reminded to be like the river. We turn our attention to whatever has been frozen or stagnant, inviting in warmth and flow. We will heat, melt, move, shift, and open as to let the first shoots of the crocus and daffodil (a representation of life energy) come through. Focus will be on the sacral chakra, the seat of our creative energy, which is connected to the element of water. 


If you are able, schedule some time after the workshop to explore your creativity, be it cooking, drawing, or dancing!


We strive to make all of our workshops accessible to all bodies.  Direction can be given for both a mat and a chair practice.  If you have particular needs, concerns, or questions, please don't hesitate to email us at 


Please note that we are not able to provide childcare for in-person workshops at this time.  While children are not prohibited from attending, the content of these classes will be geared toward adults and teens.

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