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Do we need yoga classes dedicated to Women of Color?

"We need to find spaces where we rejuvenate…and have that energy to work together to fight the injustices of the world."

"Yoga For Folks Of Color" Now Offered in Prospect Heights

"For all its supposed zen benefits and promise to connect practitioners with their inner Buddhas, yoga remains, for the most part, targeted toward already-sculpted women with the cash to burn on pricey classes. In addition to being one of the most privileged forms of fitness, it's also one of the whitest, at least in this country."

Black Enterprise

“Teaching the class has reaffirmed to me the importance of this space for people of color. Every time I have a class, there are always people who have either never practiced yoga, or they’ve practiced, but decided they didn’t want to practice anymore because they felt very ‘othered.’"

BSY Participates in this year's Accessible Yoga Conference

Calia participated in a panel about bringing yoga to under-served populations.

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