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Welcome to Brown Sugar:

Yoga for Folks of Color  

Community . Collective Care . Chocolate


Brown Sugar is a yoga and mindfulness practice for people of color, as well as a community in NYC.  We offer nurturing, flowing yoga classes to help people of color connect deeply to ourselves and others, learn tools for reducing stress and trauma, and build resilience and joy. The magic of this class is created by the energy of each person who enters this sacred space.  Each class begins and ends in a circle where everyone is invited to share and reflect. We always work with an intentional theme - and never close without enjoying some delicious chocolate together.


We intend to provide a healing and empowering affinity space for people of color, recognizing that often when black, brown and indigenous people show up to yoga in the US we may be the only one, or one of just a few – or we may not show up at all.  Brown Sugar is a space for people of color, because the racism that exists in our society also shows up in yoga spaces, and can be yet another source of stress and (re) traumatization. We aim to provide a warm, nurturing yoga class and community that centers on people of color.


"Brown Sugar is a precious space for me.  As a New Yorker who would love to explore yoga more deeply, but who doesn’t always feel comfortable in white-dominated yoga spaces, I look forward to the first Saturday of every month the same way I would a spa treatment or a mini-vacation.  At Brown Sugar, I feel free to enjoy my yoga practice with no judgments and no funny vibes.  I leave each month feeling affirmed and strengthened in body, mind and spirit."

—  Amy Evans, Student


Shout Out to our sponsors

Fine and Raw Chocolate and MAST Brothers!

Shout Out to our sponsors: Drink Fresh Juice, 

Fine and Raw Chocolate and MAST Brothers!